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Founder of WIME NETWORK and Global Head of Editorial Philipp Scheidig has been attending international fashion weeks since 2015. We asked him 10 questions about his work:

What was the first fashion show you attended?
The first catwalk show I attended was the presentation of the spring / summer 2016 collection of the Italian label Stefanel.

Paris, London, Milan & Co: Which fashion week is your favorite?
Paris, New York City & Co are of course always exciting. However, I have developed a passion for fashion weeks off the mainstream, such as Berlin or Copenhagen.

What fashion moment will you never forget?
There are countless moments that I will not forget: The first show of young graduates, the inexplicable joy of models after successful castings or the last show of a designer before retirement are just a few of the many highlights.

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook: Which social network do you prefer to work with?
Although many features are similar, the platforms are completely different and serve different audiences. I think each social network is fun in its own way.

Which platform should fashion brands focus on?
Depending on the target group and available resources, it should be weighed up which platform offers the greatest ROI.

There are countless fashion brands. What do you think is the most important thing to establish as a label nowadays?
I think it’s important as a fashion label to stand out from the competition and – at the same time – to stay true to your own style and values.

Can you give some examples?
My favorites in this regard are currently RÆBURN, ODEEH, KENZO and AMI PARIS.

How have fashion weeks changed due to digital transformation?
During the COVID pandemic, designers and labels were forced to experiment with digital formats. Besides that, not much has changed. From digital formats to organizational processes, such as guest management, public relations coordination, etc. – there is still a lot of potential. Of course, in the context of social networks and trends, virality also plays a big role. Labels are confronted with a much larger group of critics – unknown designers experience previously unknown opportunities.

Are printed magazines still relevant?
Many publishers are confronted with the challenges of the digital age. I believe that every crisis also brings opportunities. Established magazines should now use their channels to publish high-quality content as a trusted source and stand out from the crowd. Recent years have shown that this is possible even without high costs. Services from external agencies, such as WIME NETWORK, can help to pursue a successful growth strategy.

Vertical short-form videos, influencer brands and more: What trends will we see in the future?
In my opinion, interactive shopping formats will increase in the future. Currently, we are already experiencing these formats in Asia. I believe that they will also play a significant role in American and European countries in the long term. The advantages are cost savings and the evaluation of user data. Demands can be responded to without wasting time. In addition, products that require explanation can be easily demonstrated and questions from potential buyers can be addressed.

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